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Obama Does an Arms for Hostages Deal
Jan 19, 2016

Are Moderates Really In Charge in Iran?
Jan 18, 2016

Iranian seizure portends worse to come
Jan 14, 2016

Our Snatched Sailors: Who to Really Blame
Jan 13, 2016

The Saudi-Iranian Hostilities: What Should the U.S. Do?
Jan 5, 2016

There Should Be No Reprieve for Murderous Assad
Dec 16, 2015

Turkey's Dangerous Iraq Game
Dec 15, 2015

Do Kurds Have Legal Recourse Against Barzanis?
Nov 12, 2015

9/11 and the road to the Iran nuclear deal
Sep 11, 2015

Iran Chooses Guns Over Butter Every Time
Aug 31, 2015

Kurds Failing Representation Jeopardizes US Support
Aug 19, 2015

Why the Western Sahara Matters
Spring/Summer 2015

But what about the Revolutionary Guard?
Jul 16, 2015

Obama and Kerry crossed every one of their own red lines
Jul 14, 2015

The Middle East Studies Mess
Jul 2, 2015

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